Looking for a librarian job, and others.

There’s a whole lot of information about jobs out there.  And yet, it seems that for my friends whom have graduated from MLIS, finding a library (or related) job is almost impossible.  One friend of mine did not find employment for two years– but, just in a flash, she was hired at her dream institute– the Savannah, GA Public Library. Within a week she had moved and quit her job as a page at UA.  It seems like some sort of bizarre old fashioned courting routine.  We all line up with our degrees (or the promise of a degree, actually), and hope that the prom king will ask us to dance.  If the dance goes well, maybe he’ll ask me to be an archivist in his government stacks.  Oh, the unobtainable dream.

Anyway, these are the things that constantly plague me.  I’ve found some interesting resources concerning employment for recent graduates or people who are still working for their degree.  There are so many jobs other than librarianship you can go for! You just have to be open minded and open to new kinds of experiences.  My professors have constantly been telling me this along the way, and as always, they are correct.  I’ll post those links on my Twitter as well– CollierArchives. Give me a follow!




Keep reading, forever and always.


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