Medical Librarians as part of the health care team

I have once again stumbled upon a pot of gold for medical librarians and those of us who are yearning to become one.  This article comes from the American Dental Education Association, which is surprising for me.  Of course dental care is a part of the medical community, but at least for me, it is not the first thing that comes to mind.  This website breaks down different jobs that are offered in the medical community, and boasts that medical librarians are extremely important in this area.  Anywhere that health information is needed, librarians are needed.  It is our job, after all, to ensure that the medical professionals have all of the information they need to perform their duties.  Keeping abreast of current and future technology helps not only the doctors and nurses, but the patients receiving the care as well.

This article also gives some stats, including salaries, and how high the demand is for people in this field.  I would highly recommend this brief, but important read.

Thanks guys, and keep reading, forever and always.




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